Service Location Fees
Pro Tools Consultation/Tutorial Any $25hr/5hr@$100
Music Recording /Any $40 hourly

$350 daily (limit 10 hours)

Music Production/Beat Making $75 30 second spot

$100 60 second spot

$200 per full songĀ (limits apply)

Music Mixing $200 per song (limits apply)
Audio Format/Session Conversion $10-20 per item/session (limits apply)
Re-Mixing $200 per song (limits apply)
Editing $40 per track (limits apply)

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Pro Tools Consultation/Tutorial

Includes everything from proper setup of your Pro Tools system to specifics of Pro Tools use.

Some common consultation topics are:

  • analysis of system compatibility
  • system configuration
  • Pro Tools PC building

Common tutorials include:

  • Session setup
  • basic recording techniques with Pro Tools
  • Mixing
  • Music creation with software instruments
  • Beat Detective
  • Elastic Audio

Music Recording

Includes capturing a performance, overdubs, mixing and production. Recording can be done here at our comfortable relaxed facility, at a live performance, or any place that you feel comfortable.

Block rates for recording are available and recommended, and must be prepaid. Daily rates are bulk rates. Discounts are available for multiple daily bookings. Contact us for details.

Music Production

Includes any music creation by Bad Habit staff, and can include commercial beds, backing tracks, and beats.

Prices listed above are for non-exclusive licensing including royalties. All music produced remains the property of Bad Habit Studios until/unless negotiated otherwise.

Music Mixing

Includes one mix and 3 recalls. Additional recalls will be billed separately at a rate of $40 per recall.

Music to be mixed can be uploaded to our SoundCloud account:
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Audio Format/Session Conversion
Session conversion can include transferring a recorded session from one audio program format to another. For instance, converting a Logic session to a Pro Tools session. It can also include transferring audio from one media format to another. For instance, from cassette to CD/MP3 or Vinyl LP to CD/MP3.

Includes beat-matching, time-stretching, creating composite tracks (vocal, etc), and mixing.

Editing can include general audio editing, auto-tuning vocals, vocal comping, time alignment/quantizing (MIDI and live audio).